It’s all in the Clothes

For today’s post I’m going to take a little different approach. We’re going to talk about something near and dear to my heart; clothes. Specifically workout clothes. When I first started workout out, and getting serious about my fitness, one of the biggest motivators was the new clothes. I loved the idea of being able to buy a new workout wardrobe to go with my new lifestyle. Shopping and fashion are two of my favorite things in the world, but as I’m sure you know, workout clothes aren’t always cheap. $70 for a pair of pants that you’re going to wear for an hour a day? Even now that still seems a little steep. So I decided to write this post on my favorite clothing items that you can find without breaking the bank.


My all time favorite workout pants are from Victoria Secret and are from the VSX line, specifically the Supermodel Pant. These pants are AMAZING!  My first pair I got 2 years ago and even after washing them every single week they are in great condition. They fit perfectly, aren’t too heavy, and they provide plenty of ventilation which is great during the summer months. At a little over $40/pair I consider these in the middle of the workout clothes price range, and trust me when I say I believe they are worth every single penny.  They go on sale a lot too so if you keep your eyes open you can get some great deals.



My workout tops vary. Sometimes I just throw on a t-shirt from my closet, but honestly I prefer to wear the tanks and shirts specifically made for fitness. They just breathe easier. There are a couple of different tops that are my reliable fall backs, and my closet wouldn’t be complete without them.

The first top that I love is again from Victoria Secret.  It’s the Sexy Burnout Workout Tee and it’s just a cotton v-neck shirt, but it’s completely flattering and it’s thin. The material is wonderful for workouts during the summer or hotter months. The best part is these are on sale frequently so you can usually get some good deals on them.

My second favorite is the C9 by Champion long and lean running tank from Target. 4 years ago I bought my first 4 of these and they are still being worn to this day. I love them. The material is lightweight, and they’re not too tight as to show every curve that I have (as some of the workout tanks do).







Shoes are a little harder to find at a lower cost, and this is one area I recommend you splurge if you can.  There are a couple of stores I have found where you can get shoes usually at a lower cost. One is Famous Footwear. At lot of times they’ll have athletic shoes marked down to really good prices.

Another great place to check is Kohls. They offer a great variety of shoes, and their prices are often lower than other places.

If you have a little extra money the best shoes I have found so far are my New Balance’s. I have 2 pairs that I use right now for working out, and they both are amazing.  I have the standard pair that I use during my everyday workouts, but I also got a pair of the minimus for Christmas and I absolutely love them. It’s pretty much as close to working out barefoot as you can get.


When you are in the market for new workout clothes there are three stores you should always check out for affordable options. These are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Old Navy. TJ Maxx and Marshalls often have clothes from top labels at a seriously good price. If you get there at a good time you can score some pretty sweet steals. Just a couple of weeks ago I picked up two pairs of yoga capris for around $10 each. You really can’t beat that. They also have TONS of tops. This is another great place to nab a couple of perfect tanks. I’ve found everything from Nike to Under Armor. If you’re lucky you might even be able to find a good pair of shoes here too.

Old Navy recently spruced up their workout line, and they’ve done a fantastic job. You absolutely can’t beat their prices, and for the price the clothes hold up remarkably well.

Splurge worthy

If you do have a little extra disposable income to spend there are a couple of stores that I LOVE but don’t get to visit very often.  The first is Athleta. I especially love their skorts, which make working out a little more fashionable and fun.  If you check out their website make sure to take a look at their headbands, they’re my favorite to work out in and actually stay on my head!

Lululemon is another great store. They’re even pricier, but the quality of the clothes is incomparable.  Plus, everything is so cute!


Tonight I’m going to try a couple of DIY workout tops which opens the door to a completely new wardrobe! If they turn out like they’re supposed to you’ll see a new blog on here soon.

Don’t forget to sign up for your 1 month trial. Now that you have these new clothes you need something to do with them!


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Until next time, Stay Strong!