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Welcome To The Look Better Naked

Online Strength & Fitness Workouts & Bootcamp!

I just want to personally welcome you aboard and let you know how excited :mrgreen: I am that you decided to choose me and this online fitness boot camp and workouts to take you and your body to the next level of fitness and of course to LOOK BETTER NAKED! As you may or may not have already noticed there is a lot of information on this website already. With even more being added weekly and monthly. You need to to know where to start and what this website and membership will do for you. Plus what I and the other superstar members can do for you. BUT– I know that all of this information about fitness and nutrition and health and recovery and etc…. can be a bit overwhelming for somebody starting out on the site. Which is what this page is for.


LBN Getting Started Guide

Your starting guide will give you a basic introduction to everything you will expereience with us. It will give you different plans of action depending on where you are starting. Beginner, Advanced, in between, Way Advanced, etc….

lbn getting started guide




Goal Setting Sheet

Download your goal setting sheet NEXT. After you have gone through the LBN Getting Started Guide Set Up Your Goals, Take Action, Smash Your Goals!


GOAL SETTING WORKSHEET_LBN getting started (Word .doc version)




Mission: FOCUS

After you have downloaded your Goal Sheet and set up your goals, now you will download Mission: FOCUS Create your weekly goals and workout plan, and get ready to CRANK IT!

MISSION FOCUS_LBN Getting started (PDF)

MISSION FOCUS_LBN Getting started (Word .doc version)



Regeneration Workouts

These workouts are corrective in nature and will help to repair, regenerate, and renew your body. There are two different workouts and a short and long version of each. These workouts are for all fitness levels

Regeneration Workout #1 + Regeneration Bands

Regeneration Workout #2

Regeneration Workout- Foam Rolling




Tenderfoot Workouts

These workouts are for people who have not worked out for more then 3 months, are recovering from an injury, or have more then 50 pounds to lose. There are a total of 4 workouts.

Tenderfoot Workout #1

Tenderfoot Workout #2

Tenderfoot Workout #3

Tenderfoot Workout #4



This page is basically your start-up guide:


1. There are different types of workouts you can do. As of August 2012 we have:

* Regeneration Workouts

* Tenderfoot Workouts

* Beginner Bootcamps (No Jump and Jump Programs)

* Advanced Bootcamps (For  Advanced Trainees)

* Body Weight Bootcamps (No Equipment Needed, Advanced Trainees)

* Kettlebell Khaos Bootcamps (Russian Kettlebell Workouts, Advanced Trainees)

* All Band Workouts (95% Resistance Bands Based, Advanced Trainees)

* Abs/Core Workouts (Focusing on getting that flat stomach and 6-pack and keeping the core strong, Advanced Trainees)

* Challenge Workouts (Competitive Workouts for Advanced Trainees. Try and Beat your score each time!)

With way more to come, like Yun Fit, Khaos Extended, Hotel/Travel Workouts, Med Balls, Suspension Trainers and Sandbags! The layout of the workouts looks like this: Jason Yun look better naked online bootcamp layout Jason Yun personal trainer layout of workouts The link to our warm-up videos will be at the top of the workout page. A new page will open up for you to select which warm-up you’d like to do. If you have your own warm-up that you like to do, then do that. I recommend you learn a warm-up you like, or take several exercises from each warm-up and memorize them. Then watch the tutorial while doing the warm-up. The tutorial will always be the first video on the page.The actual workout will be written underneath the Warm-Up Link. You can also perform one of the regeneration workouts as your warm-up. Next there will always be a video tutorial going over the exercises like it’s your first time going through the exercise. Some exercises will get repetitive, but as you go through other workouts with time you won’t even need some of the tutorials. But a good practice will always be to watch the tutorial while doing your warm-up.

‘If you don’t have time to warm-up, you don’t have time to workout.’ Mike Ditka

After the workout will be the workout video.  We use Workout Muse, it gives you cues as to when to start and stop and how much time is left. So over the music I will be yelling motivational phrases and form tips. It’s completely up to you which one you chose to go with. All workouts you can open up to a full screen on your computer, tablet, or smart phone (which I recommend). All of the bootcamps and workout genres require you to get some type of equipment. I will always try and provide the cheapest but highest quality equipment for you. Because it needs to last and it needs to fit into your budget. Click here to see the equipment page. The majority (75%) of the workouts are based off of interval training. If you don’t know what interval training is say we take 3 exercises: squats, pushups, and jumping jacks. Very basic. You perform squats for :30, then you rest for :30, then you do pushups :30, then rest :30, then jumping jacks for :30 then you rest :30 and repeat for however many intervals you were planning on doing. Here’s a youtube video example of me doing an interval circuit: With intervals the awesome thing is anybody can do them. If you can’t go the full time then you simply just do what you can and try and improve day by day. But if you haven’t worked out in a while, or you have an injury or are overweight, then go through the beginner bootcamps first. Each of those is 8 weeks long with 3 workouts a week. You can do more then 3 workouts a week, but if you are just starting that is what  I recommend. The first 4 weeks get progressively harder, and then the next 4 weeks you simply repeat the workouts again, trying to beat your performance and rep count from before. Now if you have been working out already feel free to jump in anywhere. But be warned, bootcamps are a whole another workout animal if all you have been doing is ‘cardio’. The regular (advanced) bootcamps go in Phases, just like I teach my Yun Fitness Boot Camps in Columbus. We usually go 4 weeks on and one week off. But it is completely up to you how you want do the workouts. But we do recommend a short break after each phase or a drop in intensity (beginner bootcamp workouts). Each phase has 14-20 workouts in it, each week will get progressively harder. Feel free to repeat any workout and try and beat your score or reps from the previous time– Always make sure you are progressing. Like I mentioned before we do have all body weight boot camps pushups are a body weight exercise you can do to burn fat and lose weightwhich require no equipment. These workouts don’t go in order (right now). So one might be (on a scale of 1-10) 4 the next might be a 8 and the next might be a 10 to you. However these bootcamps are not total body workouts, because it is very hard to train the back muscles without equipment. Pull/chin-ups would be the best exercise for hitting these muscles but that would require either a bar/rings or a ledge and a lot of strength (pull-ups won’t be included in the workouts, but will be in our suspension trainer bootcamps- coming soon). We can’t neglect the back when training. So it’s very important we hit those back muscles to avoid injury and overall strength and fat loss. So don’t neglect the other bootcamp modules we have on the site. The Kettlebell Khaos Workouts will require a kettlebell (obviously 🙂 If you don’t have a kettlebell check out the equipment page on where you can get one. Russian kettlebell swings by Jason Yun and Steve Cotter and PavelKettlebells aren’t cheap (for a quality one) but they will last forever. On the equipment page we also give recommendations on the size(s) to start off with for men and women and answer other FAQ’s you might have about kettlebells. These workouts don’t go in order (right now). So one might be (on a scale of 1-10) 4 the next might be a 8 and the next might be a 10. But as long as you give it your all you will get an awesome, challenging workout in. If you’ve never done any kettlebell training the training is a little different then other traditional implements. But I try and make the transition as easy as possible. The main difference in kettlebell training is the ballistic (exercises done as fast as possible) nature of kettlebells. For more difficult exercises there will always be an in-depth tutorial. See our exercise tutorial page Click here to find out more about kettlebell training and to see a couple of demonstrations.This is my favorite way to workout, I’d like to hook you on them too 😆

Important Billing Reminder: You will be charged by CLKBANK.COM. That is what will show up on your credit card statement. You will be billed $1.00 for your trial month, and $19.95 each month after that, or $49.95 each quarter depending on the plan you chose.

2. Nutrition

A. Recipes: muppet chef and fat burning nutrition and recipes for the look better naked online fitness bootcampWe have a recipe section with all of my previous recipes.  These are healthy recipes (as healthy as can be). If you want to upload a video recipe yourself just let me know. Or if you have a recipe you want me to make healthy just let me know, and I’ll give it a try.   Free Nutrition Bonuses: For your Look Better Naked Nutrition Blueprint, specialCarb Rotation Diet meal plans and  and the 25 Rules of Fat Loss to Look Better Naked .mp3 click here.

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