6. Body Weight Online Fitness Workouts

On this page you will be able to find all of the body weight workouts. All exercises feel free to add extra weight (dumbbell, med ball, etc…) to make the workout even more challenging. These workouts are for an intermediate to advanced level of fitness. But each workout is still based on interval training or a ‘do-what-you-can’ type of work, so a beginner still would be able to do this type of workout. The workouts are not in any particular order, just the order that I shot them in.

If you don’t know where to start please visit the FAQ- ONLINE FITNESS BOOTCAMP.

The shorter workouts (<15:00) are made shorter, so you have the option of repeating them if you want a longer workout.

See you on the forum. Also please leave a comment on the workout pages. I always like to hear what you thought about the workout.

Stay Strong!

Jason Yun

Body Weight Workouts

Body weight workout #1 (23:49)

BWW #2 (18:10)

BWW #3 (15:25)

BWW #4 (15:40)

BWW #5 (35:59)

BWW #6 (20:11)

BWW #7 (30:25)

BWW #8 (19:36)

BWW #9 (8:19)

BWW #10 (19:36)

Body Weight #11 (12:53)

BWW #12- Coming Soon

BWW #13- Coming Soon

BWW #14 (19:52)

BWW #15 (23:36)


Phase 2 Body Weight Workouts

Phase 3 Body Weight Workouts


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