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Please note if you are a regular member of LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts that the login has been moved. You should of received an email with your new login and password. If you did not please contact me ASAP.

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Here you will find everything you need as a member. Some of these links below will also be listed in the sidebar under Important Site Links.

Make sure you have the right equipment for the bootcamp you will be doing.


4 New Workouts Uploaded For December!

1. Phase 3 Advanced Bootcamp Workout #9

2. Phase 3 Kettlebell Khaos Workout #9

3. Phase 1 Body Weight Workout #15

4. Travel Workout Room Nashville, TN

5. The New LBN Nutrition Blueprint with Paleo is now available for download



Start Here Resources

Here you will find resources ranging from Regeneration Workouts, to Tenderfoot Workouts (pre-Beginner Bootcamp), to getting started videos and articles. Everybody should start here to get a good grasp on where you should proceed from here on out.



77-Day Challenge

Take the 77-Day Challenge! Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Workout Plans. Nutrition, Goal setting, regeneration- All Done For You! Win Your Free LBN Shirt! Start Today! 




This page will help you find the equipment you will need for LBN Online Strength & Fitness Online Bootcamp and genre of your choice. If you already have the needed equipment, click a link below to start working out. Stay strong!



Advanced Bootcamp

There are 3 phases and 40 workouts. These workouts are geared towards intermediate to advanced trainees. And are based off of interval training and metabolic workouts to burn fat and build lean muscle tissue.



Beginner Bootcamp

There are 2 Phases and 27 workouts. These workouts are geared towards beginner trainees. But also make for great recovery workouts for the more advanced trainee



Kettlebell Khaos

There are  41 Workouts. These workouts are geared towards people with a passion kettlebell training and are geared towards intermediate to advanced trainees




All Band Workouts

 There are 15 workouts. These workouts are geared towards people who are intermediate to advanced and love working with bands



Body Weight Workouts

There are 14 workouts. These workouts require no equipment. And are geared towards intermediate to advanced trainees.



Abs Core Workouts

There are 10 workouts. These workouts are focused on the abdominal region, glutes, low back. And are geared towards intermediate to advanced trainees.



5- MINUTE Workouts

There are 9 Workouts. These workouts are super quick, and super hard. To get the most out of these we recommend a fitness level of intermediate to advanced.



Challenge Workouts

There are 1 Workouts.

These workouts will challenge your mental toughness more then anything. But will also push you to the limits with strength and endurance



Hotel/Travel Workouts

There are 2 Workouts.

These workouts are workouts you can do in your hotel room, hotel workout room, or beachside. 


Fit Tests

10 Fit Tests designed to test your strength and fitness levels. Test your progress along the way

Exercise Tutorials

This page houses all of our video demonstrations for body weight, band, and kettlebell exercises. With more workout types to come as well.


Here you will find your bonus materials. The Look Better Naked Nutrition Ebook, and the 25 Rules of Fat Loss .MP3


Here you will find the recipes and nutritional content I have created over the past few years.


Here is a collection of my articles. Ranging from nutrition to fitness to health.


This is where you will post your workouts, questions, food logs, etc… We are trying to build our community of Look Better Naked Online Bootcampers. Check it out and POST! I will always try and answer questions and comments as soon as I can.

Indestructible U- The Missing Link

This is your missing link in your fitness and nutrition program. Rest, recovery and regeneration (the 3 R’s). The techniques on this will help to improve your body and mind! An additional membership required for this, or you may order the DVD.

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